Policy Reform

Imagine Oregon


Imagine a society that values your consciousness

That supports your inner work

And embraces all the tools


Imagine a place to access the psyche

To dissolve the ego and all its defenses

To summon your wisdom, creativity, and will


Imagine a Center for visiting other worlds

For creating a relationship with the sacred

Based not on dogma, but experience


Imagine a society that transforms psychiatry

Where mushrooms and plants are powerful medicines

And a mystical experience is a cure


Imagine a place for healing addictions

In communion with a higher power

A place to vanquish depression in ethereal light


Imagine a place where those who are dying

Can enter a deep mystical state

And return with an unshakable sense of cosmic belonging


Imagine a government that harnesses the power of psychedelics

To combat the cost of epidemics

Like depression, alcoholism, and nicotine addiction


Imagine an approach to rehabilitating criminals

That dissolves, deconditions, and reconnects

Reducing violence by rendering it absurd


Imagine a creative studio of consciousness

A search for empowering visions, ideas, and insights

To download into the cultural milieu


Imagine accessing nature’s intelligence

Working with forces deeply bound in the Cosmos

Helping to guide our evolution


Imagine a healing technology

A safe and powerful way to re-process formative events

Making us less repressed, more integrated, more like who we want to be


Imagine a cultural rite of passage

A shift toward peace, wisdom, and spiritual maturity

A lasting change sustained in ongoing practice


Imagine reclaiming your consciousness

Remembering your origins in the stars

Your heritage, your cosmic home


Imagine a society that finally tells the truth about psychedelics

With reasoned policies based on facts, science, and safety

A society striving to heal, to grow, to transcend


Imagine being a citizen of the first state in America

To firmly plant the psychedelic flag

By making Psilocybin Service available to the public


Imagine, the Psilocybin Service Initiative.

Imagine 2020.

Imagine Oregon.