The Oregon Psilocybin Society (OPS) is an evolving coalition of individuals, networks, and organizations which, in response to a growing body of reputable research, aims to raise awareness about the safety and benefits of controlled "Psilocybin Services." OPS is currently developing the Psilocybin Service Initiative (PSI) -- an evolving blueprint which, with adequate support, could emerge as a ballot initiative during Oregon's general election cycle in 2020. If passed, the measure would create access to Psilocybin Services in Oregon.

2020 Vision: The Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon

Alex Grey charcoal and inkThe Oregon Psilocybin Society (OPS) is proposing a framework for regulating the supervised use of psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms. The proposal is being formatted as a ballot initiative measure which aims to make supervised Psilocybin Service -- shown safe and effective in research settings -- accessible to the public here in Oregon. Under the proposed measure, any individual over 21 years of age, upon attaining medical clearance from a physician, could participate in a sequence of sessions, provided on-site at a state licensed Psilocybin Service Center. The service progression would include, at minimum, a preparation session, a psilocybin administration session, and an integration session. All sessions would be facilitated by trained and certified Psilocybin Service Facilitators who are registered with the state.